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Venture College offers Boise State students a customized self-paced work plan to launch a business or nonprofit venture.

Venture College includes:

  • Intensive individual coaching by experts.
  • Internships and opportunities to compete for resources.
  • Networking with people important to your business or venture.

This is the real world.

Located in downtown Boise, Venture College is highly selective and open to students in any major. It’s a rigorous, noncredit experience beyond your traditional academic program. Venture College is led by highly experienced business executives and supported by more than 200 entrepreneurs, business people and civic leaders who volunteer their expertise.

What do our student entrepreneurs say?

Venture College Open House, Ellie Rogers, ac

“Super High Value.”
“One-on-one mentor time is validating.”
“I learned how to explain my idea, and now people get it.”
“I’m focused now.”
“Venture College is a bigger commitment than I thought.”
“The people I have met have been great, super helpful.”
“Speaking in front of the room was scary until I did it so many times. It’s fun now.”
“Book learning has been a foundation, but this is real.”

Questions? Email or call us at 208-426-5540